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DMS Custom works with suppliers to be able to bring you quality glass product you need for your home or business.

We can supply you with a full line of shower and bathtub enclosures, as well as full sized mirrors cut to almost any conceivable length.

We can also supply you with, oval and beveled mirrors, tempered or laminated glass for those areas needing an extra measure of safety; beveled glass for tabletops or counters.

Shower Doors

DMS carries a wide selection of products for tubs and showers. Whether you are a builder, remodeler or homeowner, DMS can design a door to fit your specific needs. Read more


A custom mirror reflects your beauty and your living space. We install custom wall mirrors, beveled edges, wall-to-wall mirrors, bathroom vanity mirrors, display cases, living rooms, bedrooms, table tops, and so much more with unlimited options for design, appearance and color.

Care and Cleaning of your Glass

Clean mirrors with non-ammonia glass cleaner or mild soapy water. Ammonia based glass cleaners will damage the backing on the mirror and void the manufacturer's warranty. Do not use razor blades or scratch pads to remove sticker or glue from glass. Avoid getting glass cleaner on aluminum. Many glass cleaners can damage the aluminum if allowed to "sit" for any length of time.

Care of Metal in Shower/Tub Enclosures

The metal in your shower/tub is durable and resistant to water damage. However, it is advisable to wipe it dry with your towel after each shower. It should also be cleaned at least weekly with a soft dry cloth to remove any build up. Never use an abrasive cleaner, as this may scratch the metal finish.

Care of Shower Glass

The glass is tempered safety glass manufactured in accordance with federal standards. While it is much stronger than regular glass, it is still breakable. Avoid hitting the glass with any sharp objects or with anything hard. Such damage can cause either immediate or delayed damage. If your glass does break, it will break instantly into very small pieces.

This can be startling, but it is substantially safer than when ordinary glass breaks. These small pieces will sometimes cause superficial cuts, but will never cause the severe damage that can occur with regular glass.